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We are a full-service repair facility, with a number of specialities.


Basic Services & Repairs

  • Safety Inspection  
  • Brake Repairs
  • Steering & Suspension Repairs
  • Tire Service & Replacement
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Engine Tune Up
  • Multi Point Inspection
  • Engine Oil Leak & Coolant Leak Repairs
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Exhaust Repairs / Replacement
  • Air conditioner repairs & recharge
  • Fuel Injection cleaning service

Routine Maintenance Services

  • Oil Change Service
  • Level 1 Maintenance Service
  • Level 2 Maintenance Service
  • Level 3 Maintenance Service
  • Timing Belt Replacement

Additional Services Information

     While we believe in a routine maintenance program and preventative maintenance on your vehicle as being the

best way to keep expensive failures from happening, we also realize sometimes these issues do happen. Still, having

quality personnel inspect and maintain your car, can only save you money and aggravation in the end. We can maintain

your vehicle in accordance with guidelines to help keep your factory warranty intact, and help prevent denial of warranty

claims. After the expiration of your warranty coverage’s, it's still important to properly maintain your vehicle to help avoid

costly breakdowns and protect your vehicle's value.   

     Whether it's a routine oil change, tune up, brake repairs, exhaust repairs or a scheduled maintenance service, Scotty's Country Auto is the place to bring your car.